ATR provides its clients with a multidisciplinary spectrum of legal services.


Such services include litigation and alternative dispute resolution practices which is handled by a qualified team of lawyers and legal consultants.


Our local and foreign clients may require non-litigation services such as incorporation, corporate transactions, and advisory services in the field of investment and corporate governance. Our non-contentious services include drafting and reviewing contracts.


We provide our clients with legal due diligence prior to all their transactions real estate in order to ensure the regularity of the legal status of the title to the property to be acquired and protect them with real estate and construction contracts adapted to the envisaged transaction. These contracts being of the most complex in the legal field , our services have a comprehensive set of peer, including the drafting of real estate contracts, real estate collateral, calculation of taxes land tenure, schematization of the financing plan, rental disputes, sharing and division between co-owners and arbitrations.

Our lawyers are highly qualified in this field. We are among our corporate clients renowned real estate and local construction companies, companies such as Immobilière Groupe Slama, Lira Immobilière and Alliance Immobilière…

Labor law

Aware of the importance of respecting labor law laws, we work closely collaboration with large companies on the conduct to follow when recruiting and drawing up their employment contracts and we provide them with our assistance in order to better understand their rights and obligations as employees or employers.

We also advise our clients on the strategies to be taken, when deciding to terminate and negotiation of compensation, in the event of disclosure of professional secrets or conflict of competition prohibited as well as disputes relating to work accidents and social security…

We have been the consultants of large executives and large Tunisian and multinational companies such that HUAWEI Technologies (China), the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, the Tex Print Group, the Water company Technologies Treatment.

Fiscal law

Tax issues are now an essential element of investment schemes and of the corporate governance. Our firm has skills in litigation and negotiations with the administration in order to achieve transactions that best protect the interests of our clients.

In addition, we offer our clients the necessary advice and support in matters of tax on personal income, corporate tax, value added tax, taxes property, capital gains on disposal, investment incentives and tax adjustments.